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Policy Advisory Forum: A moderated, action-oriented and pro-active conclave of 30 youth and selected adults; continuing discourse on the multi-sectoral Policy implementation and financing process in relation to the youth empowerment agenda.


Advocacy, Technical Support and Mobilization for domestication and ratification of relevant International Instruments: Organizing thematic Roundtables, Consultations and Workshops required producing technical working documents, Policy briefs, Protocols and Advocacy presentations.


Facilitating increased understanding of Policy Process and application of national policy and constitutional provision for implementation and advocacy through training workshops, exchange and support for participation at policy based meetings.

This supports young people through an organized institution with the capacity to supporting government when it has to make decisions on how to divide its incomes among Pressing developmental needs and for young people to better function as members of civil society and engage in public policy dialogues on developmental issues. Youth Leaders at all levels, need to and must have the tools to be able to analyze and understand the process and political demands of decision making in a democratic environment and that, which obtains in government





Journal of Youth Studies in Africa


The Journal of Youth Studies in Africa is a mix-breed journal, conceptualized by the Centre for Development Action (CDA) International, Institute for Youth Studies and Development Research, following an IIE of the Ford Foundation, Office for West Africa and will be published quarterly towards the dissemination of relevant policy and operational aspects of theoretical and methodological issues in youth studies as a field of research, teaching and study in Africa, that informs policy analyses and implementation.

The goal of the journal is to provide multi-disciplinary and inter-generational readership and authors with the international platform for sharing findings, disseminate relevant and useful information and research (original and reviewed), articles, short reports and commentaries on youth and development indexes in Africa.

Editor Emmanuel Etim
Assistant Editor (s) Ada Umerzurike
  Tola Oni
Managing Editor Hannatu Yunusa
Translator Abiodun Obiyomi
Design & Layout Sope Johnson
Subscription Officer Morakinyo Bodunde
Computer Typesetting Deborah Akinyemi

The Journal is published four times a year (October, January, April, July), CDA Intl. Single copies may be purchased at =N=1, 100 or $10.95, including shipping. Subscription rates are as follows:




1-year subscription


US$ 26

 =N= 7,000      

US$ 48

2-year subscription


US$ 50

=N= 13,000    

US$ 95

3-year subscription


US$ 73

=N= 20,000   

US$ 125

Orders should be sent to; CDA Publications, P. O. Box, Falomo-Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria. Subscription are available without charge to readers of community youth led/managed organizations. Written request is required every two year to renew such subscription.

Copyright 2005. The Centre for Development Action International,

Institute for Youth Studies and Development Research,

#12 Agboyin Avenue, off Adelabu street, Surulere, Lagos state Nigeria

Fax to US No: 1-702-995-1590, Tel: 234-1-7932745

email: journal@cdaint.org, Website: www.cdaintl.org



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